Tank Repairs & Maintenance

H2O Tanks & Liners can repair most tanks, including liners & roofs, typically at a fraction of the cost of replacement, without wasting the water already in the tank.

Our tank repair toolkit

Tank Liners

If you have a cracked or rusted water tank, a liner is an effective and affordable way to repair the tank without needing to repair the structure itself.

The big issue with conventional tank repair is that it works “outside-in”. This means that your water could be contaminated, or that leaks might re-appear through other weaknesses in the tank structure.

Our liners cover the entire interior of your tank, insuring that any cracks or issues in the tank are taken care of, as well as removing the possibility of future cracks causing problems.

We can apply liners to tanks of any shape or size, and can even pump the contents of your tank out into our mobile water storage units, ready to put back in when the liner is finished.

Roof Repairs

If you have a tank with a rusted or damaged roof, we can help with a roof replacement.

H2O Tanks & Liners use a hot dip galvanized roof truss system, engineered to endure the harsh Australian environment while maintaining aesthetic appeal and protection. Our roofs are free from any support poles, as the trusses clear span the tank.

Colourbond or Zincalume roof sheets wrap over the dome structure to protect your water from leaves and UV light, and the sheets are locked to the ring of your tank and sealed with dust and vermin protection. Access hatches and filter baskets can be installed and plumbed accordingly.